Beulah girls at Glorious Goodwood feature in Hello! Magazine

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Donna Air, contributing style editor of Hello! features Beulah

'Donna tracks down the finest fashion' and 'dials Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs' who has an 'excellent eye for designs that can transcend the seasons'.

Beulah’s Nats says “We’re loving everything monochrome, from our clothing to our handbags, and are excited for our AW’14 to drop in store. This flare midi-cut skirt is a great transitional piece that is a wardrobe staple and you can wear it for years, not just a few seasons.”

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The Eden scarf is on sale for one week only!

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Beulah Canvas Bags have arrived!

Looking for the perfect gift?

The new Beulah canvas bags have finally arrived! Wear them for instant style and to carry your essentials, the perfect shopping companion. Made by Freeset, a charity in Kolkata, India, dedicated to helping trafficked women and women who are regarded as high risk of ending up in the sex trade, by providing them with a steady income and a chance to build a new life free from abuse.

To buy your own today click here x

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Nats features in Stella Magazine

Nats gives shares her secret addresses with Stella Magazines’ Little Black Book this week….

'Natasha Rufus Isaacs set up the ethical fashion brand Beulah London in 2011, with Lavinia Brennan. Former victims of human trafficking help them create the garments, worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and Amber Le Bon'

To read the article online click here x



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Zoe Cole wears Beulah to the Audi Polo

Zoe Cole wears Beulah’s Nova dress in pastel blue to the Audi International Polo event, coverage in Hello! magazine this week

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Natalie Pinkham wears Beulah to Goodwood

Natalie looks stunning in her Beulah cream dress and Vivien Sheriff hat… Coverage in Hello! Magazine this week x

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"Kate Middleton’s Favourite Brands" Marie Claire online
"The Duchess Directory: The Ultimate Guide To Kate Middleton’s Favourite Fashion Brands"

16. Beulah
Ethical fashion label Beulah use a portion of their profits to help victims of India’s sex trafficking trade. Kate’s helped to raise awareness of the brand and their work, wearing a few of their loose and lightweight dresses when she’s on tours in hot climates.

“She’s a wonderful ambassador for British fashion and her support definitely raises awareness and recognition of the brand,” Natasha Rufus Isaacs, co-founder of ethical fashion label Beulah told us. “A few of the press picked up on the charity angle on our business, that we help vulnerable and trafficked women and provide an alternative, sustainable livelihood. Raising awareness and funds for the cause is the heart of what we do here at Beulah.” 

Read more here x
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Beulah Beauty Interview - Julia Immonen


(Julia with England cricketer Steven Finn)

What do you love most about your job?

I love the pressure and pace of live TV and so enjoy being in the thick of breaking news stories. It keeps me on my toes! 

Which female is your greatest inspiration?

Dame Kelly Holmes- against all odds at 34, she won double gold in Barcelona at the end of her career. She is such a down to earth woman and an incredible role model of hard work and determination.

What’s the greatest hurdle you have overcome?

Rowing the Atlantic!! Whilst the physical feat was a huge challenge, the mental battle way harder.  

Where did you first hear about human trafficking? 

I watched the film Taken and, to be honest, I thought it was just a film and that trafficking didn’t really happen. Then at a church conference a couple of months later, it totally clicked that it was so very real!

Why did you help set up Sport For Freedom and what’s your vision for the charity?

I was completely overwhelmed by the existence and the severity of human trafficking - I looked at what was in my hands, which was sport, and I used it! My ultimate vision for Sport For Freedom is that we cease to exist because there will be no more slavery.

Which beauty product can you not live without?

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick!

How do you keep a healthy balanced lifestyle?

I fail miserably…but I try to shop at the farmers market and I also try to schedule workouts a week in advance to make sure they are a priority in my diary.

What could you not live without? 


Who are your style icons?

Jessica Alba; classic, beautiful and elegant. 

If you could dress in any fashion era which would it be? 

Now- I think it has never been so fun!

What’s the most memorable event you have worn Beulah to? 

Apart from Natasha’s wedding…A big fundraising dinner for Sport for Freedom in London packed with sports stars supporting FREEDOM! 

What do you think makes Beulah stand out?

The designs and quality of the dresses are just breathtaking- you can almost feel the presence of a Beulah in a room! I also love the cause each item of clothing stands for in supporting victims human trafficking. 

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